I use photography as a catharsis.

My Urban collection talks about the alienation and isolation we experience in big cities. The feeling of being altogether alone. Putting our blinders as soon as we step outside, and try as much as we can not communicate with each other.

My Nature collection, albeit keeping quite a dark style, shows another part of the world. Places in which mankind hasn’t changed the landscape too much, and refrained from constructing a concrete jungle there


  • February 2019 - “Black & White”, San Diego, La Bodega Gallery, collective

  • December 2017 - “Unnamed”, New York, INNside Hotel, collective

  • November 2017 - “Alternative Facts”, New York, FIT, collective

  • January 2017 - “Silence Has Fallen”, Paris, Chambre Avec Vue, solo

  • October 2016 - “6ème sans Ascenseur”, Paris, Private Event, collective



Several of the photographs on this website are available as numbered limited-edition fine-art prints. Prints are made on fine-art archival paper and are available in several sizes: 13”x19”, 17”x22”, or big prints. Editions are limited to 3 prints total in a given size. Each print is signed (on the back), numbered (1/3, 2/3, 3/3), and dated. Please directly send me an email for a quote.

That's me.

That's me.

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